Software development

We are a company with over nine years’ experience working in the cutting edge sector of custom bespoke software development for those companies in which good has to be great. We listen to your business need and then turn your ideas into an efficient software solution. We are proud to say that we have a 100% customer satisfaction as our dedicated team applies the latest technology to deliver your success. Our reputation is our success as your business flourishes then we take great pride in knowing that your success is our greatest compliment. If you want the best, then look no further. No job is too small or too big we are your solutions provider you can trust.

Our reputation is our testimonial our clients come back to us time and time again as they create a partnership to drive their business forward. We understand the demands of your business and we cater for your every business need.

Our process is transparent, when we work with a client you become our primary focus having a dedicated consultant for you available for your every business need. We use agile software development to build products offering online access and support when needed by you our clientBusiness today requires serious people, professional people who are reliable and do not miss targets. If you are looking for a developer who can commit to

Business today requires serious people, professional people who are reliable and do not miss targets. If you are looking for a developer who can commit to offer you the very best of service with every time on time delivery, then please talk to us as we are the team for you.

Our team works for you offering a full range of business and service solutions

  1. Project Management
  2. Business Analysis
  3. Developer
  4. QA
  5. Mobile Development TEAM
  6. Design

The world is getting smaller so let’s make your market bigger Let go global by Technology

Mobile application services

Our lives become busier every day to which we rely on technology more and more to meet our everyday needs, fast efficient access to information can offer an incredible competitive advantage in the market place. Mobile application are now the most effective way of reaching new clients by quickly and efficiently connecting people through multiple options. Apps offer a dedicated access to information whether it be for business, social networking or just enjoying a games the world is your oyster directly on your PC or mobile device. So come on do miss your opportunity for that essential window on the world we can help you to make that connection – Why not let us show you what we can do for you?

We live in a world of ever changing demands from our employees and customers. The need to stay ever connected with fixed and mobile technology’s is a part of everyday life. Mobile application are the most popular form of offering dedicated access to the items online that you want your clients to see.   In most cases your family will have one PC but in most cases 4-5 mobile cell phones. So when considering this fact your best route to market is via your mobile app.

We can therefore build you the following:

  1. Mobile web
  2. Hybrid app
  3. Native App

We use: cordova, phonegap, nodejs, expressjs, react native to build hybrid app. Also Swiff, Java to build ios app and Android app

Website development services

How many websites do you look at and think what is really going on hear? Too much information flashing lights quirky sounds. The test of any good website is how it engages you to carry on browsing. We are proud to say that we can give you that WOW factor without you having to sell the family silver to pay for it. We have helped over 100 clients to achieve a simple cost effective design that gets your customers wanting to visit your site every time. We can offer responsive web sites that meet all customers demand to give you that really special browsing experience which is normally can only be achieved by large corporate budgets. If you have a website but you don’t have webmaster to take care your website, then call us and we can help with the very best of service and quality at a most reasonable price. Don’t wait as every moment lost is another client they may now be looking at your competitor’s website. Solutions at cost effective prices no Gimmicks just quality of service every time

If you already have a web site but wonder why your visitors are low then you definitely need to speak to us.We can help you with creative design and great looking features,

Our technology is:

  1. PHP, Zend, Lavarel , Yii
  2. Css/Css3, html5, javascript, Jquery, Jquery Mobile, AngularJS, ReactJS

Build for start up

  1. A company with an established history and over nineyears experince. We understand our client’s needs and design our products to be best in class.Our team can offer website assistance linking mobile and software application intergrated together to make your business more effective in the market.
  2. Nowaday the way we conduct our business has changed and Informations Technology is part of our lives. Therefore, make the change and be a leader in your market. By working with our team we can develop products to give you first mover advantage every time.
  3. With mobile phone and the right app you can do business everywhere, monitoring your businees performance. All of this is possible with the right app and developer software.
  4. We have a strong commitment to our client as quality of service is our reputation.

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